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                                                                                  Training programs

                                                                                  Non-academic training programs by Taishan Medical University





                                                                                  Population and Family Planning Training

                                                                                  Training for management cadre in Family planning

                                                                                  Training for technician in Family planning

                                                                                  Ultrasound technology business intensive training in Family planning

                                                                                  Training of information management in Family planning

                                                                                  Training of Family planning policy


                                                                                  Community medicine training

                                                                                  Appropriate Technical Training for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shandong Province

                                                                                  Health management training for patients with chronic diseases in Shandong province

                                                                                  Appropriate technical training for community health management services for elderly in Shandong Province

                                                                                  Specialized technical Training of Community Diagnosis in Shandong Province

                                                                                  Training of Urban Community Health Education in Shandong Province

                                                                                  Training for community health care physicians in Shandong province

                                                                                  General medical practitioner (physician, nurse, public health personnel ) training

                                                                                  General practitioner transfer training

                                                                                  Rural Physician Training


                                                                                  Professional qualification certificate  training

                                                                                  Public nutritionist training

                                                                                  Psychological counselor training

                                                                                  Enterprise Human Resource Manager Training

                                                                                  Nursery teacher training

                                                                                  Training of elderly caregivers


                                                                                   Training for teachers

                                                                                  Provincial training for medical laboratory trainer in Health system vocational college

                                                                                  Provincial training for stomatology trainer in Health system vocational college

                                                                                  Provincial training for medical imaging trainer in Health system vocational college

                                                                                  Provincial training for nursing trainer in Health system vocational college


                                                                                  Foreign language training

                                                                                  IELTS training

                                                                                  English training for college students


                                                                                  Foreign personnel travelling program

                                                                                  Chinese language training for foreigners

                                                                                  Chinese culture, tea and martial arts, calligraphy and other training